You lose again, Europe - Why South Park: The Stick of Truth has been delayed in Austria and Germany?

The game was originally set for March 6 release. Ubisoft has not yet announced an updated release date but will reveal one "shortly," according to a statement from the company. Because of zombies.

The main problem was that in game you are facing for example nazi-zombies. And that includes swastikas, which is a "symbol of an unconstitutional organization."

This is not the first problem with this game in Europe - for example on concole versions some scens are delated. But as Matt Stone said:

"At least now it's authentically a South Park thing, if we didn't get censored, it wouldn't be South Park. "

But don't worry!

To activate the game just go to and download VPN client.

Please log in to your Steam account, then choose to activate a new game, go through all of the process and when you have the key typed in the activation window please turn on the VPN.

Choose United Kingdom 1 and then activate the product.

After the download just find your Stick of Truth exe file and double click on it and you should be able to play the game without any further issues.