With Skinwallet your CS:GO skins=games on Kinguin!

We know that there are a lot of CS:GO players with extra skins sitting in their Steam inventory. Those skins are worth money, but they aren’t money. Not yet at least. Now you can spend your skins like cash!


What is it?

SkinWallet is a revolutionary new website that lets you spend your CS:GO skins on certain websites. Of course, Kinguin is one of those sites. You can bring us your extra skins and get games in exchange! The skin economy is a huge global market. Just link your Steam account with SkinWallet and start shopping. No personal information is required so it’s completely secure.

A better Kinguin for you!

This is just one step Kinguin is taking towards making our online store more accessible. We want to be smart and organize our website to be gamer-friendly. If you like SkinWallet or have other suggestions on how to improve Kinguin, let us know!

Check now!