Insane Sennheiser Giveaway: Win headsets, Doom, Overwatch, and more!

INSANE SENNHEISER GIVEAWAY: Win headsets, Doom, Overwatch, and more!

It's not a dream. In Sennheiser and Kinguin giveaway, you can win Sennheiser pro headsets, Doom, Overwatch, Total War Warhammer and other amazing prizes.

Sennheiser is one of the leading producers of high end audio devices. Since 1945 the company develops new and better ways to deeply experience music and sophisticated sound effects. If you want to delve into the atmosphere of Doom or clearly hear the danger in Overwatch, it's best to play with a Sennheiser headset on.

Now, Sennheiser joins forces with Kinguin to offer you a chance to win a whole bunch of prizes. Among them: two awesome headsets.

Win the gamers' most wanted items of 2016


First prize: Sennheiser GAME ZERO headset + Doom PC key + Overwatch PC key

Second prize: Sennheiser GAME ONE headset + Overwatch PC key

Other prizes:

1x Doom PC key

2x Dark Souls 3 PC key

2x Total War: Warhammer PC key

2x The Division PC key

How to join the competition?

Visit our Quiz page, you will be presented a set of audio clips with fragments of game soundtracks. Choose which game you think the music belongs to from available options. Each correct answer gets you points that increase your chance to win in the prize draw.

The better you know soundtracks, the closer you are to winning Sennheiser headsets and most wanted games of 2016. Are you up for the challenge?

Discover a new level of sound quality with Sennheiser and Kinguin.




1° John Cena (#7257)

2° Joao Almeida (#22673)

Other Winners: Miguel Oliveira (#21470) ; João Paulo (#22819) ; Nagy Balint (#17505) ; Pablo Garcia (#11575); Tiago Gomes (#28102); Rui Oliveira (#11502) ; Diogo Cadavez (#26708)

Correct Answers: 

1° Mirror Edge ; 2°Halo Combat Evolved ; 3º Metal Slug ; 4º The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past ; 5º Crash Bandicoot ; 6º Team Fortress 2 ; 7º  Fallout 3 ; 8º Uncharted ; 9º  Bioshock ; 10º Left 4 Dead



The giveaway starts on the 25th of May and ends on the 6th of June. Winners will be announced on Be on the lookout apart from the first and second winners the rewards will be distributed on first come first served bases, all the titles we are giving away are excellent but if you are one of the announced winners and have a favourite game be fast to contact us at [email protected] and mention what title you would like to receive.