Owner of the Oddest Game Award!

Ever since the second instalment in the series, Saints Row has been known as one of the strangest games around.

I never actually played the second one but I had a mate that would wax lyrical about it all the time. I did play the first and third ones though and looking back at the evolution from first to third is honestly mind boggling. I don’t think I will ever understand how it got from something that was at least mildly serious to the full blown parody it is today and to be honest I don’t think I want to understand because I think it would in turn make me insane.

Now though Saints Row IV seems to take everything up to eleven, I am surprised they managed it to be honest. I don’t know how you can upstage Saints Row 3 on crazy but they seem to have done so. So now you are the president of the United States… With super powers… Definitely not a recipe for disaster I am sure.

I have no doubt that Saints Row IV will encapsulate the absurdity and fun that its predecessor did so well. Though I feel the 3rd game was a bit more of a dig at popular culture in the United States I can’t really comment on IV until I play it but I am sure for the satirical among us the potential swipe at American politics will be an interesting point. It certainly has me interested.

All that matters though is that there is a dubstep gun and you can punch people in the balls.

Viva la Saints!

As a footnote if you can’t wait there is now a Saints Row IV character creator available for Steam, so let your imagination run wild!