Reporting issues easier than ever!

Remember that time we asked for your feedback?
After reading more than one comment regarding the ticket's response time, our highly trained penguins got to work and created what we are most proud to announce!
A feature that allows you to easily and quickly report any key, and have the case being worked on immediately without any further questions - should we call it the... "Click-click-done!" feature?

Make sure to read through these simple steps and be amazed!

How exactly does it work?

1.If it seems that the key is not working, double-check if you redeem it correctly by going to the Activation Details tab in the product page.

2. If the issue persists, click on the Report a problem! button at the bottom of the Activation Details tab and tell us some details.

3. Note that you may also notify us about the issue by going to Customer Support tab and clicking on the "My Game Key is Not Working" topic.

It's is totally up to you!

I clicked on Report a problem! - What information should I provide?

Fortunately, the entire form is really easy and can be filled up in just a moment, there are only 5 steps to follow:

Step 1: Product

1.Choose the order which the faulty key comes from. You can use the drop-down list or enter the ID manually (1a).

2.Specify which product from what merchant it is (1b).

3.Select the non-working key (1c).

Step 2: Activation

1.Make sure you use the serial correctly. Click on the Activation Instructions and the guide will be opened in a separate tab (2a).

2. Most of the solutions are already stored in our FAQ, so you can use the search to browse through them (2b). By clicking on the suggested topic, details of it will be opened for you in a new tab.

3. If the issues remain unsolved, click on the check-box and you’ll be moved to the next step (2c).

Step 3: Type of issue

1.Choose the most appropriate type of issue that you have with the non-working product.

2. Each one is described to make the choice easier for you.

Step 4: Screenshots

1. Upload the requested screenshots to confirm the issue.

2. Each platform has different requirements, so make sure you check the exemplary screenshots (once clicked you will see what exact type of files will be needed).

3. The uploaded screenshots can also be previewed, once you hover the mouse over the file name.

4. Note that correctly taken screenshots are crucial and they will significantly speed-up the resolution time.

Step 5: Contact us

1. Once all screenshots are uploaded, simply click Submit and a ticket will automatically be created for you. We will handle it as soon as possible for you and send you a solution once the case is investigated.

And that’s it!

Keep the feedback coming and help us create the best gaming environment for all of us!