Put your CS:GO skills to the test in the PvPRO Kinguin League

Have you ever been Molly’d by a teammate? Sick of being top frag and still losing? Find good teammates or play 1v1 with PvPRO! Stop letting your skills go to waste because of noob teams.

Kinguin is proud to be an official partner of PvPRO. This
esports platform offers leagues, tournaments, and single games for CS:GO players. You can play for free to earn coins or buy coins to play in higher stakes competitions. This is the challenge you’ve been waiting for!

On PvPRO there are a lot of different options to choose from. We suggest the special Kinguin league! It’s a 1v1 fiesta from Nov. 19-26. And there’s a second league from Nov. 26-Dec. 03 The prize pool is 250,000 PvPRO coins for the winners.

Turn your CS:GO victories into skins or new games in the Kinguin store.