Kinguin Indie Valley partners up with ProjectMQ. Dozens of indie studios to join the platform

Kinguin Indie Valley has signed a partnership with ProjectMQ, an American incubator that supports and promotes independent game developers around the world. Dozens of ambitious titles from talented creators will soon become available on the platform. Kinguin will also help the organization fund indie initiatives.

ProjectMQ is a social media platform for the global community of independent game developers and fans. It is known as the voice of the industry's most ambitious creators, who wish to realize the most daring and original ideas. Kinguin Indie Valley will provide them a platform where they can freely offer their games while retaining full control over the price and the exclusive right to sell their own products.

Dominik Głowacki, Head of Indie Valley:
Indie Valley joins forces with ProjectMQ, sharing its passionate mission of providing indie developers with intensive sales and exposure support. It will change the (indie) game for even the most eccentric and extravagant productions, whose creators often take on difficult subjects within immersive narrations, build oneiric and imaginative environments, or program inventive gameplay twists. I believe the close cooperation with ProjectMQ constitutes the status of Indie Valley as a place where art meets business without unnecessary corporate inflection.

ProjectMQ accepted the invitation to support Indie Valley after the platform proved to be fully trustworthy and designed with the indie studios' wellness and growth in mind. Wrongful practices of some digital game trading platforms are still fresh in the memory of many game creators, making a careful approach to any new endeavor understandable. However, Kinguin Indie Valley was established with the goal to create an ecosystem in which indies can thrive.

Viktor Wanli, CEO Kinguin
The partnership with ProjectMQ progresses Indie Valley's mission: to recognize and solve the problems faced by independent developers. We aim to neutralize the effects of Indieapocalypse and Indie Paradox – overflow of games leading to studios seeking help from publishers and losing independence. By creating a secure and friendly environment for indie creators to sell their games in – directly to gamers, without middlemen or second-hand sellers – we enable them to earn on their terms. We gain trust by being ethical and transparent, and providing 24/7 support. With ProjectMQ we not only introduce new talents to this ecosystem, but also help finance independent initiatives.

5% of all revenue generated for Kinguin by games from ProjectMQ's supported studios will be donated to the Notes For Life Arts & Technology Scholarship Foundation and the Social Change Youth Foundation charities. Both organizations support independent digital artists and their initiatives by the way of engaging in the issues of technology, education, mathematics, engineering and social support for young creators seeking employment.

Marcus Howard, CEO ProjectMQ
In an industry where business ethics are in short supply, it’s refreshing to see that Kinguin has such strong values and integrity. Their dedication to security and customer service is unmatched, and we’re honored to give our full support to their Indie Valley program. I’ve been consistently surprised by Kinguin’s genuine support for indie devs and gamers. I’m also thoroughly impressed with their willingness to address all concerns that we and our indie developer community have identified. Dominik and the Kinguin team have a true passion for improving the state of the indie gaming industry, and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them.

ProjectMQ will begin adding indie games to the Indie Valley store in April 2018. Some of the AMAZING indie games that they’ve hand-picked include:

  • Aaero: Speed through stunning, stylized environments tracing ribbons of light, releasing the energy in the music.
  • MiniLaw: Use lethal weapons, non-lethal force, and diplomacy to take down bad guys in the dystopian future city of New Babel.
  • Rogues Like Us: Hack ‘n slash combat combined with rogue-lite dungeon crawling. A fast-paced adventure full of monsters, mayhem, and endless loot!
  • Darkarta: An EPIC, multi-award winning, point-and-click adventure game rated by many as their all time favorite.
  • Legrand Legacy: A love letter to all time favorite JRPGs with a fresh take on classic turn-based combat and tactics. Discover why Legrand Legacy was named The Most Promising Game of the year!

ProjectMQ is a global discovery platform and incubator exclusively for independent video games, soon to be augmented with artificial intelligence and blockchain. Its mission is to connect, support, and grow the global indie gaming community. The invite-only app allows gamers to enjoy hi-def multimedia from the world’s best indie games. By offering free tools, mentoring, and local events, ProjectMQ strives to create “A New Hope for Indie Games™”.

Kinguin is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces with video games, software and in-game items (With 6,5 million customer visits, 4,000+ active merchants, operating on 24 markets globally). Kinguin provides the community with access to great gaming experiences by building platforms, services and locations that supports the free economy and personal rights of gamers.

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