Pre-Order Feature Arrived!

Do you think you know everything about the benefits of Preordering a game-key?

Let us amaze you further!

After the various requests and suggestions, our development team spent days and nights working on a feature that would make every gamer’s dream a reality!

Kinguin is a place where you can get your keys at the cheapest price, without any complication and with our newest update, we aim to make pre-orders simpler than ever! You can now stay always up to date on the upcoming games, and once you made your pre-order, manage it entirely on your own.

Did you already pay for a upcoming game, but saw a cheaper offer? Do you wish you could cancel your current order, get your refund, and order again in just a few clicks and minutes?

Now it’s possible! Check your pre-order tab and see it for yourself!

Up to 3 pre-ordered keys will show up in your “Pre-orders” tab. You can see how many days are left until the release, move directly to the product description page or you can cancel it at any time before the release day.

Don’t have any Pre-Order yet?

The tab will collect the most recommended titles of the moment, making your gaming experience even more exciting and pleasant!

1. Check out the Recommended ones
2. Add to Cart the game you like the most!
3. Proceed with the purchase and place an order

Already have some cool Pre-Order and want to find out more about it?

You will see the ordered game in the Pre-Order section with a counter telling you how much time is left until the release date.

1. To check out when exactly the game will be released, what content is included in your pre-order, what languages are available in the game and what regional restriction it has -> just click Check Order Details
2. Have some questions about your order? Use the LiveChat button to let us help you out!

Found some cheaper offer from another merchant?

1. Just click Cancel Order and proceed accordingly to have your pre-order instantly refunded in our in-store currency.
2. You will be able to use eurBalance to buy some other cool stuff from!

Remember that the section is entirely customizable for you!

1. Want to turn on/off the pre-order section? Just click on the Setting icon on the right and then on the pre-order field.

2. Do you want to pay more attention to the Pre-Orders? You can make the section wider by simply expanding the field in the bottom right corner of it!

3. Need to change the positioning of the Pre-Order section? Just click on it and move to desired place on your Dashboard!

Well then, let gaming be fun, easy and cheap with Kinguin!

We treasure your feedback as it helps us develop further the right way, do not hesitate to leave your suggestions at any time!