Pre-order DOOM and get Doom 3 as a gift!

Can’t wait for the reboot of the Doom series? Play Doom 3 in the meantime! All premium members who pre-order the upcoming game will receive Doom 3 free of charge! Check your email and take advantage of this offer! 

Who didn’t play Doom as a kid? Even people from our Accounting Department did!

The epic title is coming back and we can’t wait for it! Relentless Combat, Terrifying Demons, and Bad Ass Guns. It will bring some great memories for sure!

It would be a sin to miss this hell of a game!


There’s still some time left to the release date, but isn’t it priceless to stand among the first people in line?

Doom 3 will be a perfect workout before the zero hour.

 When the game is on, you’ll be ready.  

Check your email and take advantage of this offer! 

*Note : 
 Оnly Premium members will have access to this offer! You will get a special link via email and you will have to pre-order directly from the link in order to take advantage of our premium  offer . The offer will be valid till 13.04.2016 incl.