Pick your Valentine - 24 hours stream!

Watch some of the hottest girls on the Internet - Tara Babcock, Dinahthatsme, Kaylovespie, Blondiewondie, Jennythesquirrel or Shadowila - which one will be YOUR Valentine?

Your plans for Valentine’s Day have changed! Spend this Saturday watching something beautiful! Our lovely streamers are going to make your day unforgettable! It’s simple: watch, admire and send a valentine donation to your chosen one.

Besides that you will have a chance to fall in love with prices we prepared for our Valentine's sale and take part in cool giveaway! Love is in the air <3

Meet our Valentines:

Tara Babcock

Tara Babcock

She is a hot League of Legend/StarCraft player and a professional model. Those who don’t know her yet should absolutely google her...like right now!



A 23-year-old who loves to play FPS games and especially COD. She loves to interact with the chat, dance and entertain. Pwning noobs is on the menu and you are invited to the party!



She loves to play DOTA2 , CS:GO and old console games. Kaylovespie is the essence of positivity - she knows how to make people smile!  
“I want to show the world that gaming is having fun - win or lose. My stream brightens your day” - she promises.



She mainly plays World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. Some of her hobbies outside of the video game world include cars, friends and… sleeping.

“I would like to have a positive atmosphere in my stream. I love streaming and entertaining you guys because you all are awesome and I appreciate all your support” - she writes.



She is a streamer who plays League of Legends and rules the squirrel kingdom. She is a kind loving squirrel queen  and she loves her fans like a squirrel loves an acorn!


shadowila team2g

Alana “Shadowila” is a member of our dear partner Team2g. Not only is she a full time streamer - she is also studying bachelor of commerce and undertaking a post-grad degree in psychology! Her primary games are League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and Heroes of the Storm. “I am just a female grill trying to live out a childhood dream of being a gamer and earning a living off it.” - she sais about herself. Make sure to watch this talented girl!

So what do you say boys?  They are all yours!

xoxo <3 <3

Where: Twitch.tv/kinguin_net
When: 14th of February 10:00 AM CET / 1:00 AM PST
Who: Tara Babcock, Dinahthatsme, Kaylovespie, Blondiewondie, Jennythesquirrel, Shadowila