Get your hands on Pro Evolution Soccer 2017!

Pro Evolution Soccer is a title known to every gamer keen on binge gaming marathons. It was (and still is!) the title which made people think “okay, just one more match and I’m going to bed” and then realizing it’s suddenly dawn. With the new installment of the franchise coming up this September, the hopes are high for a game which would bring something fresh to this already bestselling series.


The first PES released in 2001 was a pretty basic game. Despite that, it introduced something new on the football gaming arena. It was a leverage for players bored with other propositions. It was action-packed, addictive, fresh, fast-paced and revolutionary. The PES games which followed introduced a lot of changes and improvements inspired by mistakes of the past installments. For example, a better commentary system after the PES 2002 overdubbing failure. Or, an AI system Teamvision and Teamvision 2.0, which observed, learnt from and adjusted to your playing style. Obviously, the graphics and physics improved overtime with every new installment making the game more and more realistic.

So, what is the new PES - the 2017 edition, going to bring to the table?



Calculated for each player individually, the new Real Touch technology brings about a completely new quality of soccer gaming. It will determine how every virtual footballer is going to handle the ball basing on their own attributes. The ball-player interaction will also be influenced by the on-pitch situation, like weather, speed of the ball and the footballer and unpredictable ball movements. Gamers will also have much more control over executing the pass, from the moment of receiving the ball to sending it further - it will take a lot of skill and practice to do it properly though.



Goalkeeper interaction had never been so realistic! Instant reaction to shots, quick follow-ups, fingertip saves - scoring a goal is not going to be an easy task! Moreover, when you consider the new improved ball physics, then it’s easy to deduce that players will have the unique opportunity to defend the goal and score points in a similar way they would do in real life.


Additionally, players will be able to control the mentality of the entire team, shifting it from offensive to defensive. A new, revolutionary AI system will also respond to changes and patterns in players’ style of conducting the game. For example, if your virtual opponent notices that you pass on to one of your forwards, he will put more effort to cover him.


Have Fun while playing it. And don't hesitate to share your impressions with us!