Catch the Overwatch! Giveaway with IHATEPINK and MaxINFINITE

Together with our partners we are giving away 4 keys to Overwatch! Enter this simple competition now and join the superhero squad! 

, a group of extraordinary individuals (villains, retired heroes, and even a gorilla scientist) was created for one purpose: to maintain world peace during the Omnic Crisis (omics = robots, crisis = robots that want to destroy humans).

They won, and after the war this super team was transformed into a peaceful organization, but over time, the organization began to fade, and finally, after a mysterious explosion at Overwatch Headquarters, the group was disbanded…

Now they are back!

IHATEPINK and MaxINFINITE give you a chance to step into the amazing Overwatch universe!

They are both awesome YouTubers and today they're joining forces to host our giveaway in which you can grab one of 4 Overwatch keys. Join the giveaway and try your luck!

Overwatch best offer

In the meantime you can watch our partners play!



To enter the giveaway, use the app below to like, subscribe and follow IHATEPINK, MaxINFINITE and Kinguin on social media.

Overwatch giveaway with MaxINFINITE & IHATEPINK

The giveaway starts on June 3rd and ends on June 9th, 2016. The winners will be announced on June 10th, 2016.
All the
winners are asked to contact us at [email protected] by June 16th to collect your keys.
In the message title, please include: “
Catch the Overwatch! Giveaway with IHATEPINK and MaxINFINITE”.


Good luck!