Germanguy and Kinguin gift you 5 x €10 vouchers

Join Kinguin and our partner Germanguy in a special promotion for our customers; WIN a €10 voucher!

Along with our partner, GermanGuy, we will be giving out €10 vouchers to five lucky winners… the occasion? The release of No Man’s Sky naturally!

no man's sky best offer 

Taking part in the giveaway is an absolute piece of cake, just use your social media.
All you have to do is like the various social media pages of Germanguy and Kinguin and you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of five €10 vouchers!

Be sure to use the Gleam application alone so we can track your entries, remember, the more pages you like, the higher your chances of winning the prize!

NMS - ThatGermanGuy

Germanguy is actually an American streamer with strong German roots. As a result, his friends decided to nickname him Germanguy and it stuck with him until today. Survival, space and action adventure games are his favorite types of titles which makes the release of No Man’s Sky that much more exciting for him… and for us as well!

The giveaway starts on August 12 and ends on August 18, 2016 11:59 p.m. CET.
All the winners will be announced on 19.08.2016 and are asked to contact us at [email protected] by 26.08.2016 to collect the prize.