The Next Generation Of Controllers Is Coming?

Last time I've showed you 8 Worst Game controllers Ever Made. Today I will review the other end of the market - truly next-gen controllers that every gamer want to try.

1. Delta Six Gun Controller

pic 1

This is first gun-like controller that reflects all aspects of real rifle. If you like FPS games this is definetely something for you. This beauty can imitate recoil, to reload you will have to push magazine, and, due to build in IR sensors, when you move it near your face screen will automaticaly switch to zoom in mode. Controler should be compatible with PC, X360, PS3, XOne and Ps4. Also developers said that it will also work with Virtulix Omni. Now we will have to wait for end of bata tests but it should be available for sale this mounth so stay tuned!

2. VR Oculus Rift

pic 2

I think that every gamer know this name. I don't really know how to start so maybe I will just describe what were my feelings during the test: "Nah... Wow... WOW!!! aaaAAA! WoW! Sh*t! OMG! Where can I buy it?"

3. TN Games 3rd Space Gaming Vest

pic 3

3RD Space Vest is a unique vest that allows you to feel what is happening in the game. Really! Unlike surround sound and devices based on force feedback, Vest uses compressed air to generate pressure on the player's body. Cool thing is that it works not only with FPS games but also can simulate gforces during racing games. Now just imagine wearing whole suit like that - headshot won't be best shot to eliminate oponent anymore (if you know what I mean;) )

4. Virtuix Omni

pic 4

If you want to "step into the game" this is literaly something for you. I short words this is a multi-track device that allows you to control game character using your body. If you have enough space in your gaming room this is something you should buy without looking at the price.

5. Peregrine Glove

pic 5

This glove allows you to program 30 unique gestures that will be responsible for certain actions in the game. In this way, only with few gestures player can control the game faster than ever before. Easy-to-use software allows users to create almost any custom configuration. I don't think I need to explain how big advantage it gives , especially in games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft or Tekken.

6. Optimus Maximus Keyboard

pic 6

This keyboard outclasses every competitor. In top-version, we can freely configure any of 113 keys, each of which has placed under its surface small OLED screen. This solution allows you to display not only static images, but also animation and icons (eg Photoshop or Corel Draw editing tools). The device has memory card reader, USB hub and a light sensor, so you can adjust the brightness of the keys to the external lighting. Only minus - price up to 1600$ ;/

7. X-Arcade Tankstick

pic 7

I could not miss something for fans of pinball equipment and old school arcade gaming from the early 90's. This is not ordinary joystick or ergonomic pad known of the current consoles - the 20-pound desktop is dedicated to hardcore gamers who wants to transform living room for old school arcade saloon.