AlchemicalKitty and AstroZero36 join the Kinguin Stream Team

Kinguin is thrilled to announce that we are expanding our stream team with two awesome new streaming personalities. AlchemicalKitty and AstroZero36 will be joining us on the Kinguin streaming channels weekly for community focused gaming streams. Both streamers bring vastly different perspectives to our stream team but also embody the the best Kinguin traits: a sense of fun and love for the game. On opposite ends of the spectrum Alchemical Kitty is young and always excited to try something new while Astro has seen it all in his many years of gaming.

Alchemical Kitty, otherwise known as Lexi Jane, is a young streaming personality based in California. She came to our attention as a beta tester for our Kinguin Coaching service. Our team was very impressed with her enthusiasm and genuine enjoyment of the games she plays with her stream audience. This makes her a great ambassador for gamers and Kinguin alike. Her streams are highlighted with her sense of fun and excitement, as well as stellar running commentary that anyone can relate to. Kinguin is proud to welcome her as our first female streamer.

You may have noticed Astro Zero filling in our channel lately. We’re happy to now have him on the stream team full time. Hailing from Australia, Astro Zero is an OG gamer having grown up spending all his quarters playing Space Invaders until his dad brought home a TRS-80 (an old school desktop microcomputer for those that weren’t born then.) Since then he’s played any game he could get his hands on. His experienced voice lends a more mature perspective on streaming and a huge variety of games. Just don’t ask him about the first time his son beat him at Quake 3.

At Kinguin, we Love the Game, in this way we believe that supporting fantastic communities of all sizes from diverse backgrounds is a small way to show our appreciation for every gamer out there. Giving new and varied voices a platform to entertain and grow offers so much value to Kinguin and our audience outside of just creating a fantastic community. We hope to be adding even more voices to the Kinguin stream team but for now please give the warmest of welcome to our two new ambassadors.

Join our new members on any of the Kinguin streaming channels: Facebook, Mixer, Twitch, YouTube, and Discord. Alchemical Kitty will be live at 5pm PST every Friday, starting on Friday, October 19th, for upbeat content, game coupons, coaching service advice, and discount codes galore. Astro Zero will be streaming weekly at noon CEST Monday to Friday. On the weekends the stream lineup will include guest streamers from Team Kinguin and other exciting content.