MLG Columbus GIVEAWAY with G2Esports

We are very happy to congratulate our friends at G2Esports on finishing first in the 2016 EU LCS Regular Spring Split, which ended a couple of days ago!

On this occasion, we have prepared fantastic giveaway for all CS:GO lovers!

It's not another April Fools' Day joke here! Join our competition and grab yourself some fantastic skins!

To win:

  • 1x Shadow Daggers Blue Steel Field-Tested 
  • 1x Gut Knife Forest DDPAT Exterior: Minimal Wear 
  • 1x Flip Knife Scorched Field-Tested 
  • 1x Falchion Knife Urban Masked Field-Tested 
  • 1x Huntsman Knife Boreal Forest Field-Tested

If you want to get more fantastic skins, check out our new feature on Kinguin. Now you are able to buy any single skin! Click the banner below to get more information!


As usual, use the application below and keep your fingers crossed!

MLG Columbus GIVEAWAY with G2esports

The giveaway starts on April 1st 2016 and ends on April 6th 2016. In order to receive your prize, please contact us at [email protected] within 7 days from announcing the winners.

Please include: “Massive MLG Columbus GIVIVEAWAY with G2esports!” in the message or its title.

Good luck!