Miss Rage is now a part of the Kinguin Community!

Kinguin proudly presents Miss Rage, the new member of our partners community! Our family is growing bigger every day, the best streamers, youtubers, teams and pro e-sport players constantly providing us with the highest quality of entertainment!

Our brand new member Julia “Miss Rage” Kreuzer is an Austrian full time CS:GO Twitch streamer and Youtuber. She started streaming back in May 2013 inspired by other streamers and began to broadcast every time she played games. She was working a full time job back then, but following her success online, Miss Rage turned to streaming full time. Her Twitch fanbase is now 219,787 followers and nearly 9.5 million views. Miss Rage is a part of a Counter Strike: Global Offensive team called MASY (MakeASandwichYourself).

It's worth to mention that team MASY (Angelka, Eden, Projectsolo, Jance and Miss Rage) also joined Kinguin family!

We are really happy about our future cooperation!