Kinguin and TheSpazzyProf Mirrors Edge Catalyst Giveaway

Mirror′s Edge Catalyst

Mirror′s Edge Catalyst is an upcoming game for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One by DICE, published by EA. It will be a full reboot of Faith′s history, taking place in a continuity separate from that of Mirror′s Edge and presumably at an earlier stage of Faith′s life. 

Despite taking place in an alternate continuity, Catalyst will feature recurring characters and factions, as well as maintaining the core themes of the series-freedom and civil liberties versus safety and security.

Take a leap of faith and join this giveaway you may be one of the two winners and receive Mirror′s Edge Catalyst key.

Kinguin & TheSpazzyProf Mirrors Edge Catalyst Giveaway


Who is Spazzy ?

Twitch Streamer, College Math Professor, Military Wife, Dog Mom, using her own words she loves to  promote a silly atmosphere where giggles prevail so dont hesitate and  go check out her twitch channel, you wont reget it !

The giveaway starts on the 09/06/16 and ends on the 16/06/16. Winners will be announced on if you are one of them contact us at [email protected] to claim your prize.