Grab a copy of Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Enter the giveaway with 8Gaming!

Catalyst is loosely a prequel to the cult free-running video game from 2008, Mirror’s Edge.


It’s set in a futuristic, dystopian City of Glass, ruled by a totalitarian conglomerate of corporations. The people of Glass live in constant surveillance and fear; every manifestation of disobedience to authority is brutally suppressed.

You play as Faith Connors, a “runner” well know from the original game. Faith mastered the art of navigating the urban jungle to perfection (it’s an awesome combination of running, jumping, and sliding), and she uses it in her job as a courier, petty thief and industrial espionage.

It is her unusual abilities and determination that can make Faith become a titular catalyst for change that will lead to the revolution and the end of the totalitarian rule of the corporation.

You’ve met Faith already, now say hello to 8gaming!


His real name is David and he’s an entertainer, well known in gaming community for his hilarious videos. He’s also Kinguin’s partner and today he’s here to host our giveaway.

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Grab one of 3 game keys to Mirror's Edge Catalyst!

Grab a copy of Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Enter the giveaway with 8Gaming!

The giveaway starts on 8th of June and ends on June 13th. The Winners will be announced in this post on 13th June.