Meet stars of our Charity Tournament!

Meet stars of our Charity Tournament!

Kinguin for Charity Hearthstone Tournament is starting in 2 days! It is high time to get to know pro players who will be competing for the prize pool of $5,000.

Today we want to introduce you some of the Hearthstone stars who will be participating in our Kinguin For Charity event! Not only professional players are taking part in it – lucky winner of our eBay charity auction will have a great chance to try his skills with the real pros! All funds from the auction will be donated to Child's Play - our charity partner.


Janne "Savjz" Mikkonen comes from Finland and is a member of Team Liquid – professional e-sport team from Netherlands. He has played Magic the Gathering for over ten years, however he has never participated in pro tours or other first class tournaments. In the past he was also playing CS, WC3, WoW and LoL but as he said, the first time he saw Hearthstone he knew that he was just built for that type of game.


Jason "Amaz" Chan is a professional Hearthstone player from Hong Kong, currently playing for Archon Gaming. Amaz is best known as one of the pioneers of the Priest class. His multiple NESL King of the Hill wins and his high DreamHack finishes. Amaz gained a lot of popularity early in Hearthstone beta, becoming known as one of the few streamers to play Priest almost exclusively, a class considered underpowered at the time.


James "Firebat" Kostesich is a noted Hearthstone player, and the current reigning champion of the Hearthstone World Championships, having defeated Tiddler Celestial in the 2014 finals in a straight 3-0 series.


Aleksandr "Kolento" Malsh is a Ukrainian Hearthstone player, currently a member of Cloud 9 (Kinguin's partner!). Kolento is most known for his exceptional laddering skills - hitting #1 on all three servers - as well as popularizing the Miracle Rogue archetype.

Tides of time

Drew "TidesofTime" Biessener is an American retired Dota 2 player who previously played for team Dignitas. After his retirement from Dota 2, Tides of Time transitioned to Hearthstone and is now a member of Cloud9.