Meet Randy the cyber n0m4d

When you are 35 years old it’s really hard to become a pro gamer, especially in a highly competitive scene of fighter games. Randy Fitzgerald did it. He did it using only his chin and lips.

Thats because Randy has Arthrogryposis - a disability meaning he has underdeveloped muscles and frozen joints in arms and legs. He can’t move freely but that didn’t prevent him from living his life as full as possible. Randy does everything with his face - he writes, draws, and obviously… plays video games. If you wonder how does he do it - well, it’s pretty hard to explain, but the chin lies on left stick, lower lip on the right stick and upper lift is used for pressing buttons. If you think it’s difficult then you are right - it is and of course it requires a modified joypad, with bumper buttons specially refitted to suit Randy’s needs.

True Passion

Randy’s greatest passion are video games which he not only plays but also helps to develop. He went to study video game design at Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and then worked in gamedev (as a game developer) for 15 years. That’s a pretty long time - long enough to know games inside out and to leave your mark. Randy worked on titles like Titanfall and Call of Duty, so it’s not a surprise that First Person Shooters are amongst his favorite genres. And he is good at them - you can check it by yourself watching his videos on Twitch. His passion for creation didn’t end with studies or when he ceased working with major publishers - Randy is trying to get his own gaming company going and develops a game based on Unreal Engine 4 with Oculus support.


His adventure with e-sports started like a lot of things in life, unexpected. It was 2006 at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles) when Randy was invited to Microsoft’s after-party. He just wanted to check out newest Sonic The Hedgehog game, so he asked some people to help him plug his controller. No more than 10 minutes has passed when Randy realized he is surrounded by a crowd of people with cameras pointed at him. Thats how he met leader and creator of all-female gaming clan called Pandora’s Mighty Soldiers (PMS for short) - thanks to PMS’s help N0M4D started to play pro in the male division of the clan called H2O. His first game was Rainbow Six Vegas (Randy has a very soft spot for Rainbow Six games), and with his new clan they managed to win their bracket on the first tournament event they went to. And so it started - games came and go, and Randy managed to be good in every game he played. He scored well in Street Fighter 2 and 4 tournaments, he also won the first prize in Dead or Alive 5 tournament last year. Right now there are talks of getting N0M4D into Guiness Book of Records as the only quadriplegic progamer in the world that won a major tournament.

Everyday Hero

The most amazing thing about Randy is how much stuff he does with his life. He plays competitively, works, and streams on Twitch. It’s a true blessing for N0M4D - thanks to this platform he can express himself, stay in touch with other gamers and also get some extra income. Thanks to that Randy is not entirely dependent on social security.


Besides playing fighter games, Randy recently started playing and streaming Hearthstone. He has just built a new computer so expect more PC content coming from him- next on his list is to get to Kinguin Pro League, so he could play in Kinguin charity events. Thanks to his gamedev contact Randy is also able to invite really interesting guests like Joe Emslie Lead Artist for Titanfall or Emmanuel Rodriguez from MASTER Enterprises.

Randy N0M4D Fitzgerald is one of those people who will put you in awe just by speaking to him. He’s cheerful, full of life and has his goals set. And he is also incredibly humble - almost as he feels ashamed of people looking up to him and taking him as an example. And trust us - he is an example. He shows not only that disabilities mean nothing when you have a will to do stuff, but also that life should be lived up to it’s fullest.

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