Meet Arfdota – winner of our eBay charity auction!

We would like to introduce you winner of our charity eBay auction! He will be competing with top Hearthstone players in our Kinguin for Charity Tournament!

Nick: Angelo
Age: 22 years old
Country: Canada

1. How did your journey with gaming start?  

My Journey in gaming started in wc3 mod called DOTA, which later on Valve bought the rights from Blizzard and what we called DOTA 2 was born, and i pretty much played DOTA 2 semi-professionally also joining such prestige in-house leagues such as ixdl-i (now called NEL) im pretty sure tidesoftime heard of this :) coz i believed he played Dota 2 professionally, I played competitive DOTA 2 semi-professionally for 3 years before deciding to play hearthstone! which apparently i fell in love with and i barely play DOTA 2 now.

2. What are your greatest achievements in e-sports?

In DOTA 2, I've won in a lot of small tournaments like CEVO, Amatuer Dota 2 League, Sunday Evening Cup Series, and some other small tourneys. In Hearthstone, nothing really besides hitting top 5 Legend in my 2 mos of playing? if you call that Achievement lol. 

3. What is you favourite deck?  

I'd say Midrange/Aggro Hunter, because it's simply HUNTER :) no explanation needed, and it helped me reach legend rank for the first time :)

4. Are you playing other games than Hearthstone? Which one?  

Dota 2 and NBA 2k15, nothing else really.

5. What are you doing during your freetime?

I am a full time sous-chef here in Canada, so my free time is go hard core playing hearthstone while taking care of my lovely 11-mos old daughter Althea Roxeen. :)

6. What is your greatest goal?

Originally to get a stable Professional Dota 2 team, but when i got introduced to Hearthstone I'd say I wanna be the BEST HEARTHSTONE PLAYER IN THE WORLD :)