Medal of Honor: Allied Assault turns 15!

Remember that feeling, 20 seconds before landing on Omaha beach? Excitement mixed with anxiety. And then it happened, the landing craft’s door opened and you ran out as quick as you could among the piling bodies of Rangers. Then you became a hero saving your pals from death.

Or that time when you singlehandedly broke into a secret German base and took down their secret submarine. Or when you stole one of the most powerful tanks of the Second World War.

It all seemed like a movie, but it was much better than that. It involved you directly.

We’ve all been Lt. Powell at some point in our lives and we all lived through his adventures. He’s been with us for 15 years now!

How well do you remember MOHAA? Check your knowledge in our quiz!

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault 15th anniversary quiz!

Correct answers: 
#1 MG42
#2 Saving Private Ryan
#3 Manon Batiste
#4 Naxos
#5 Captain Ramsay 
#6 The Siegfried Forest
#7 Stg44
#8 Sniper’s Last Stand
#9 Hi Standard Silenced
#10 Signal that it’s “all clear” and Operation Torch can commence