MC² SOLUTIONS: new tech company created by Kinguin's founder Viktor Romaniuk Wanli and Anna Streżyńska, former Polish Minister of Digital Affairs

MC² Solutions will provide international services in the fields of information and communication technologies, notably blockchain. The project was initiated by Anna Streżyńska, former Polish Minister of Digital Affairs, and Viktor Romaniuk Wanli, founder and CEO of Kinguin.

The newly formed company will act as a hub for investors operating within the field of blockchain and smart technologies. It will provide such services as new technology implementation, training, certification and competitive advantage consulting. MC² Solutions also plans to hold international conferences for the promotion of new technologies.

The company's originators and shareholders are Anna Streżyńska, Polish Minister of Digital Affairs from 2015 to 2018, and Viktor Romaniuk Wanli, an entrepreneur and the owner of, one of the world's largest trading platforms for digital goods. MC² Solutions closely collaborates with technology experts and specialists co-responsible for the success of such brands as Pramerica and Gartner Poland. The core development team consists of the 2017's vice-champions of the world in programming.

Anna Streżyńska, CEO of MC² Solutions, former Polish Minister of Digital Affairs:

"Technologies provide businesses incredible development opportunities. One of such technologies is blockchain, which we see taking the world by storm. It has the potential to significantly affect the functioning of institutions, countries and politics, as it improves the speed and credibility of transactions. The mission of MC² Solutions is to make it easier for entrepreneurs to utilize this potential. Our team is composed of some of the best European experts and pioneers of the ICT industry. We are oriented toward international activity because the main idea of blockchain is lack of boundaries for technology, trade and innovation.”

MC² Solutions' Board of Directors consists of people with extraordinary experience and networking. Chairman of the Board: Anna Streżyńska; Chief Technology Officer: Arkadiusz Szczebiot; Chief Operating Officer: Robert Kalbarczyk.

The company is Kinguins technological partner for the implementation of blockchain technology for the trading platform. The project results in the creation of the first decentralized market for the global community of video game consumers.

Viktor Romaniuk Wanli, CEO of Kinguin, Co-Founder of MC² Solutions:

"Decentralized market is the future of global trade, and the businesses which realize it first will have the greatest opportunity to create competitive advantage. The blockchain market and blockchain-related solutions are still at an early stage of development, which makes professional support priceless to the investors. I am truly glad of our collaboration with Anna Streżyńska, who, along with the team of MC² Solutions, will support the platform's move to blockchain."