Malmö Cases – the best selection of CS:GO skins is back in stock!

Dreamhack is one of the most anticipating eSports events in the world. Pro or not, gamers from all around the globe are eager to enter it every single year. Especially CS:GO fans.

The Dreamhack CS:GO tournament is an intensive experience that brings an entire spectrum of emotions. The Malmö Case brings only the best ones.

We’ve created an unique CS:GO skin case dedicated to all Dreamhack tournaments enthusiasts and you know what? All Malmö Cases were sold within the first day of the tournament! If you didn’t catch it, now is your chance!

Only the carefully selected CS:GO items.

Nothing has changed, this case contains the best selection of the most popular weapon finishes amongst the CS:GO community, here are some of the examples:

  • AWP | Dragon Lore

  • AWP | Medusa

  • AK-47 | Fire Serpent

  • M4A4 | Howl

  • M4A4 | Poseidon

  • Knives

  • More knives

  • Crimson Web knives

  • Even more knives!

Visit the Kinguin store and get it!Considering their popularity, the Malmö Cases will not last long!

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