Make Your Own Living Room PC - the idea

There is a stereotype that console is better for gaming than a PC. Maybe it was true a few years ago, but now? Current gen consoles are made of components known from PCs, packed into nicely shaped box. At the same time there are solutions on PC that allow you to change your keyboard and mouse to gamepad and play on a TV. So maybe we should build our own "console"?

OK, a game console may have some advantage over the PC. You don't have to configure each game, it is easy to connect it to the TV and audio set. You can play lying down on the couch, eating pizza and drinking bee... Sprite, I meant Sprite! And most importantly, it is smaller and easily fits into the living room.

However, most of those advantages are illusionary. In this series of blog posts I will show you how to build your own living-room-PC. I will choose optimal components and check the performance. I will tell you how to operate with a gamepad (even what pads are best to do so)- you will need a keyboard and a mouse only to set up the OS and some games.

Why should I build my own console if I can just go to the store and buy one?

One word only - money. PC games cost much less and shortly after building the PC you can download games you already have from Steam or other activation platform - no need to buy another copy of the game just to play it in your living room.

The main advantage of PCs is their flexible configuration. When you want to build your own living room PC, you don't have to stick to the hardware configuration proposed by lead manufacturers. You can choose cheaper components with less power if you don't want to play in Full HD, or powerful, expensive but always power-hungry graphic cards that will deal with top AAA productions in the highest resolution.

In this series I will show you two possible configurations: the first, cheaper (to 375 Euro), for casual gamers, will run games in HD (1280x720) at medium graphic details; the second one will be bigger, more power-hungry, but for hardcore gamers and will run games on at least high details and in Full HD (1920x1080) - price 800-900 Euro.

The first configuration will be revealed in the next post on Friday, so stay tuned!

Do you like the idea of building your own living room PC? Or do you prefer typical consoles? Share in comments.