First Kinguin Lan Party!

Once upon a time there were a few gamers…

They loved playing games and had one dream - to create a gaming community and connect people who love to play as much as they do.

They started looking for others like them - gamers who wanted to share this passion with the rest of the world… They found them even sooner than they thought they would.

Together they decided to organize their very own tournament. That’s how the idea of a 
Kinguin Lan Party was born…

But what could they play? There are a lot of e-sport games out there. All of them were created out of passion for gaming, and all are quite challenging. They decided on playing the one that made e-sport what it is today...

Today, on February 19th, we will meet in our offices after hours to have some fun. What are we going to play, you might ask? We decided to start our LAN party with a CS:GO tournament!

There is no better way to kick off a LAN party than with a team-based game that would allow us to compete and feel like true e-sport players. CS:GO is the biggest e-sport game out there and we are going to use it to test our gaming skills. Not only we will visit the tournament maps, but we are going to do it with style! All the amazing skins you can see during the professional tournaments will also make our games look even better! Are you curious which skins are the most popular among us?

We want to share our passion for games with you, so we will definitely share some memories from our first LAN party! Be sure to check our social media for more updates on our LAN party - we have some plans for the future, and we think you are going to like them!

Don't forget about our amazing offer on skins - you can make your gameplay truly your own and rank up in the game with style! Check our website for amazing discounts on every skin you can think of!

Wish us luck and see you very soon!