Kinguiners’ Guide to the Universe. Making the work flow from the get-go

The Kinguin Universe is more than a digital video game marketplace. It’s a place for people: both the customers and the employees. This time around we decided to focus on the customer experience which is why we introduced an internal training program called Kinguiners' Guide to the Universe.

The program was devised to make sure that every person joining our company is well-versed in the questions our customers ask on a day to day basis. Its first phase, focused around the Customer Support Department, proved a resounding success.

Sharing goals, understanding challenges

We've invited Kinguiners to participate in a 3-day series of meetings where we discussed the work and challenges of the Customer Support Department. Also, guests from other departments had a chance to observe our Supporters at work.
It all stems from our belief that it's crucial for every Kinguiner to understand the wider environment they work in. Everyone should know the goal the company strives for and understand the challenges their colleagues face in sister departments. But most of all, everyone should experience the reality of working directly with our customers. Only this way we can ensure the level of mutual trust and understanding required for the work to flow.

Here’s some feedback we received

“Mixing vast theoretical knowledge with a fun and friendly approach made me feel like a part of Kinguin from the very beginning.’”

“Now I have a much clearer understanding of what the Customer Support role is and what our customers need help with.”

“Without knowing both the business core and its most elementary challenges, you are simply unable to unlock the full potential of the company.”

More Kinguiners' Guide to the Universe meetups, focused around different departments, will follow.