Kinguin Rolls Out Coaching Service to Help Gamers Level Up

Kinguin Friends and Family, we are thrilled to announce that we are launching a coaching service, so you can level up your game! Developed to help the you hone your skills, you can  now purchase private coaching sessions in the most popular esports titles: CS:GO, DOTA 2, Destiny 2, League of Legends, Fortnite, World of Warcraft, and PUBG directly through Kinguin.

Sessions are available in two ways; choose your game and be placed with an available coach immediately, or pick and schedule a private lesson with one of our private listed coaches. Our private coaches are registered and vetted by us to ensure their services are legitimate and top-notch. Plus all sessions are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and come with our award-winning customer service.

How do I sign up?

To get started today, all you need is your game of choice and Discord installed. When purchasing a coaching lesson, indicate the game, the coaching option, as well as your preferred coaching time frame. Your entire coaching session will be conducted completely through your coach’s Discord server and will be recorded to ensure your satisfaction.

What are people saying about Kinguin’s new Coaching Service?

Our Kinguin Coaching Service has been in beta testing since early September. During that time, we invited several community members such as Lexi Jane, aka Alchemical Kitty, to take part and test the services of our professional coaches.

Here’s what Lexi had to say about her time with Kinguin Professional Coach Christos Miltiadous:

”I've been wanting to get into Fortnite more but despite having decent aim I wasn't sure how to improve my building and overall gameplay. I booked a Kinguin coaching session to help me learn the ropes. It was really easy to set up, I just added the coach on Discord then launched the game. I played a few matches and we put a lot of time into the playground mode to practice building and game tactics. It was a great experience with a respectful coach to guide me and make the session really fun. I'll be playing more Fortnite on stream in the future.”

Lexi’s coach, Christos Miltiadous, is currently a professional Fornite athlete for Void Gaming and a Twitch streamer in his own right. Here are his thoughts on the session:

“Before we got started, I asked her what her main goal for learning Fortnite was and she told me it was to have fun. From there, I tailored her lesson to making sure we achieved that goal. We started with the basics, how to position herself, split bullets and escape traps. It was great to see her have fun with the game and she was a very quick learner.”

Interested in becoming a Kinguin coach? Applications are open now for experienced coaches that can demonstrate to us a high level of play in any of our chosen game titles. Coaches must have prior experience or certification in coaching a team or individuals, fluent English, and a flexible schedule. Please send serious inquiries to [email protected].