awarded the Best ICO Project of 2018!

We're back from the Cryptocurrency World Expo Berlin with a shiny trophy in our hand. Our project of a decentralized, blockchain-based trading platform for gamers has won the Best ICO Project award!

Cryptocurrency World Expo is a very exciting event where the whole world of crypto gathers and shares new ideas. Our very own Kim Rom appeared to talk about decentralization in game trading, and what do you know – at the closing award ceremony our ICO was chosen the best project of the year!

We are truly honored. It is an exciting moment for us, as the rest of the world takes notice of the changes going on in the gaming industry. We would like to thank everyone at Cryptocurrency World Expo and the crypto community for their recognition of our efforts at

We look forward to making an everlasting impact on the gaming industry, and the crypto-world at large, as our ICO moves forward in 2018.

If you would like to learn more about and the changes we are about to bring to the gaming industry, please visit us at or join us on Telegram.