How to enter the Kinguin Vault of Fortune and 3 reasons why you should do that!

Remember Scrooge McDuck’s huge treasury? At Kinguin we have something even better. McDuck had a vault packed with coins... cool, but what do you need coins for? To buy games of course! Find out why ours is better. Check what awaits you with your every purchase over €14.99!   

That’s right, we will reward your shopping!

The Kinguin Vault of Fortune favors the buyer. All you need to to do is to spend over €14.99 on Yes, your every order over €14,99 is a sure-fire win. Enter our vault today, and here are 3 crucial reasons why you should do that.

Reason 1: Money vouchers

There are 7 types of voucher with different values waiting for you. We have thousands of them and we really want to share!  

  • 150€

  • 50€

  • 30€

  • 15€

  • 10€

  • 5€

  • 3€

Reason 2: Discount codes

Kinguin is all about savings, but a 100% off code? It doesn’t happen very often, so don’t miss your chance. 4 different kinds of codes await you.

  • 100%

  • 70%

  • 50%

  • 20%

Reason 3: Free games!

Last, but not least! Free games are like a balm to every gamer’s heart. Over 50 titles are waiting for you with Dark Souls 3, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Fallout 4, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege among them.  

The Kinguin Vault of Fortune closes on 3rd of May!

You should be watchful and quick, because this offer is limited in time. The Vault will be open only from Thursday 28th of April to Tuesday 3rd of May 11:00 CET.

Tell your friends, tell your family, this is something that every player should know about.

Have a great shopping!


The promotion is valid storewide, excluding orders for Balance or Premium subscriptions.

  • Euro vouchers - Up To 150€

Each Voucher can be used once per customer account and will be valid till 31.05.2016! The whole amount of each Euro Voucher has to be used in one purchase!

  • Discount codes - Up To 100% OFF

Each Code can be used once per customer account and will be valid till 31.05.2016! Each code is valid only for amounts of up to 50 EUR in the cart!

  • Games

The promotion includes game keys of the following platforms: Steam, Origin, Uplay,

How and when will you receive your  gift? You will receive your gift instantly in the email with your purchased game.

How to activate your voucher or discount code? Just enter it in the discount field at the check-out section with your next pruchase.  

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