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  • Classics

    How many of you had an epic Atari 65XE with a floppy disk drive or an 800XL with an ultra slow tape reader? We - Atari players- have two things in common: the games and the enemy - Commodore.

  • River Raid (1982)
     River Raid (1982)

    The game consisted of piloting a military fighter over the river and shooting down enemy aircraft, ships and balloons. At the end of each map our objective was to destroy a bridge. Anyone managed to finish the 130th stage?

  • Moon Patrol (1983)
    Moon Patrol (1983)

    The player's task was to patrol the dangerous Sector 9. It was necessary to closely monitor the path in order to jump over craters, shoot the rocks and tanks.

  • Pole Position (1983)
     Pole Position (1983)

    This game should be known to all of you. This game popularized the rear car view that is used in almost all current racing games.

  • Boulder Dash (1984)
    Boulder Dash (1984)

    A clever logic game, where the player is supposed to think through a way to dig through the terrain in order to acquire diamonds placed on the game board.

  • Karateka (1984)
    Karateka (1984)

    Our goal is to rescue our sweetheart who was kidnapped by the evil warrior Akuma. In order to do that, you were first supposed to wipe the floor with all the guardians, then the eagle bodyguard, and at the end confront Akuma himself.

  • Ace of Aces (1987)
    Ace of Aces (1987)

    A simulator of a British fighter-bomber plane from World War II, De Havilland Mosquito. The game let us bombard U-boats, factories or trains.