Kinguin Partners with Imaqtpie!

We are more then happy to announce that our Kinguin family is growing! New players and streamers are joining us everyday in order to show the whole world that with Kinguin you can SAVE ON EVERY GAME! Today we want to announce Imaqtpie as our partner- how awesome is that?!

Imaqtpie, Michael Santana, is one of the most popular League of Legends players and streamers! He is known for being a former demolition expert for team Dignitas and for his famous Corki play. Hundreads of thousands of people are following his Twitch channel. He is also famous for coining the well-known “raise your dongers” meme :)

Kinguin is a global marketplace for buying games! If you love computer games, like being part of an awesome community that unites games-lovers from all around the world and want to buy the best games in incredibly good prices – Kinguin is a place for YOU! 1,5 million active users already know that.

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