Kinguin and Overwolf partner up to allow players earn in-game currency!

We would like to introduce you to TryHard - a new fantastic app by Overwolf.

What is it all about? It’s very simple! The concept is to give gamers a great opportunity
to earn in-game currency - the Wolfcoins, by watching video ads during gameplay or loading time. All you need to do in order to sign up is download TryHard and provide your email address.

The Wolfcoins currency you earn can be exchanged for Kinguin Gift Cards, The Overwolf Cases and more in-game items. With TryHard, money is a thing of a past - you don’t need it to buy games on Kinguin anymore. Use Wolfcoins instead - the future is now!

Overwolf had been born out of love for games and a need to make gaming better, easier and more convenient. Overwolf specializes in adapting apps for overlay functions so that you can use a myriad of tools and tips without the need to leave the game! They produced apps such as: Replay HUD, CS:GO Stats, LolWiz, HearthArena as well as an official TeamSpeak solution.
Overwolf apps are used by millions of gamers who seek to improve their gameplay. Huge gaming companies such as Riot Games and Logitech as well as eSports teams like Cloud 9 or Team Liquid have trusted them as well. That all makes Overwolf a must-have tool for every gamer!

Both Kinguin and Overwolf have the same goal in mind - to take gaming to the next level! That’s why we are ecstatic to announce a partnership!

You can also purchase these great CS:GO Skin Cases, courtesy of Overwolf:

  • Overwolf CS:GO Skin Case

  • Premium Overwolf CS:GO Skin Case

Give us a better deal, we dare you! You may try hard, but, spoiler alert - it’s not possible!