Kinguin Opening the Gates for Trick2g and Sirhcez

Receive 50$ voucher to buy any game you want!

Are you saving money for any game ? You want to preorder a game that you are waiting for ? Do you want to play as Trevor in GTA V or become a hunter in Evolve ?

Wait no more and grab this awesome opportunity to buy the games of your dreams!

Kinguin in cooperation with Trick2G and Sirhcez from Team2G prepared special giveaway for you!

During this giveaway five people will win one 50$ voucher each to spend on any game they wish on Kinguin.


Trick is a renowned educational video-game streamer providing on-line video game coaching and commentary through Trick2g. Trick brings a different flare to the game League of Legends with humor, entertainment and fun. Trick streams League of Legends and enjoys the game as much as his community does.

Sirhcez is a League of Legends player and a streamer. He has lots of loyal fans that follow Sirhcez on his Twitch channel. His streams are very chill however you cannot get bored! Sirhcez has many talents – not only is he an excellent LoL player – he also sings! And he is really good at it.

Trick2G and Sirhcez are members of Team2g – team that supports streamers and gaming community.

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Kinguin opening the Gates for Trick2g and Sirhcez



Winners will be announced here on 9th of February!