Kinguin Mafia Pro: Influencers Now Earn 10% on Games Sold on Their Recommendation

Kinguin Mafia Pro, our affiliate program for influencers, now offers a massive commission rate of 10%. Our partners earn on every game sold to customers who enter via their referral link.

Youtubers, Twitch streamers, bloggers and other gamers with online personalities can easily monetize their following while doing what they do best: recommending amazing games. Every Mafia member receives a unique reflink to share online, e.g. during streams, in video descriptions or on their Twitter. Every purchase made by a person who enters by clicking this link is registered, and the influencer gets his or her guaranteed commission. Multiple levels of earnings are available, enabling our partners to recruit new Mafia members and make money on their reflink sales.

Additionally, Pro members of the Kinguin Mafia get support from their personal Partnership Manager in the form of customized banners, review copies of video games, giveaway prizes, and marketing advice.

Getting Started

To qualify for the Pro membership, a candidate needs to have one or more social media channels with more than 10,000 followers in total. If this condition isn’t met, they are still eligible to register to the standard version of Kinguin Mafia, where they get a guaranteed 5% commission per reflink sale.

We hope that with the help of Kinguin Mafia, gamers will be able to grow their passion and turn it into a source of income.

Learn more about Kinguin Mafia Pro and Kinguin Mafia, and apply for membership here.

You can also contact us directly: [email protected]