Help us grow the Kinguin Mafia family

Attention Kinguin Mafia members! We have special orders for you. Kinguin Mafia has some enemies that we need your help taking care of. Who are they? All of your friends. Help us help them by telling them about Kinguin Mafia. We need more smart, capable people like you to grow the family. This contract has rewards of course.

Seriously, we need your help to keep the Kinguin Mafia family growing! And if you get friends to join there are great prizes you can win. During two weeks you can refer your friends to the Kinguin Mafia earning program to be entered in the contest. The top four Mafia recruiters will be given a free copy of one of the best new titles; pick from

Oh, and the top two win premium accounts for one month and three months


If your friends join the Kinguin Mafia you win and they get to benefit from being part of the family. They can start earning with our affiliate program just like you do. If they join Kinguin Mafia from your reflink then you’ll start earning a percentage of their sales as well. They earn, you earn, and everybody gets more games! Thanks for helping us keep the Mafia family strong. Remember, we reward those who do good work. You can trust the word of Big Boss Kinguin.


Kinguin Mafia Giveaway