Invite your buddies to Kinguin Mafia and earn more!

Kinguin is a true team player. Use your teamwork skills from CS or WoW and invite your friends to Kinguin Mafia. Earn money every time they do!

How to do it?

There are two ways:

Send them your reflink. When they click it and join the program, they become your capos.

 Kinguin Mafia reflink

Ask them to enter your Kinguin email in the “Referred by” field when they create their own account.

Referred by

What can you earn?

Every friend that accepts your invitation is your capo and works for your second-level earnings. You get a guaranteed 0.75% commission on every product they sell through their links. But there’s more!

Let’s say the friend invites another person. This way you start earning on the third level! This person’s link will guarantee you a 0,25% commission.

 Kinguin Mafia tiers

Yes, it’s that simple! Why wait?

Spread the word about Kinguin Mafia to your friends and boost your earnings!