Kinguin’s Webutation

Whilst Kinguin gives you amazing deals day in day out we also strive to make sure you are safe when browsing for your next adventure. 

How do you measure how safe you are on Kinguin? Well as you may have seen on the home page we have two sorts of certificates stating we are safe to use. The first certification being Webutation.

Webutation is a well renowned reputation resource; it measures websites on a multitude of criteria to make sure they are up to scratch for everyone to visit without some horrible virus invading their PC’s. It collates this information a few different ways, mainly via users’ reviews of the site but they also comb through various sites with various tools.

The next certificate is from Google Safe browsing which diagnoses in a similar way to Webutation (and is fact used by Webutation). Google Safe browsing simply lists if there are any suspicious items on the website and if there are not gives them the all clear.

So as you can see, Kinguin makes sure it protects its customers in every way to make sure they have a great experience when buying with us, it’s that extra little peace of mind that really makes all the difference.


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