How to find the perfect gift for a true gamer!

OMG! Have you totally forgotten about your best friend’s birthday?

You don’t have time for shopping, and what’s even worse, you have no idea how to find the perfect gift? No worries, you are saved! Whatever the occasion, finding a gift has just become easier!

With the Kinguin Gift Card you will suit any gamer’s taste!

Give a choice!
Who doesn’t like to have a choice? Let your friend pick and choose. Every video game you can imagine is here, from every existing genre! We even have a special section for CS:GO skins!

Give an experience!
With Kinguin Gift Card your present will always be an experience. This is what games were made for in the first place!

Types of cards
Depending on the occasion, or your budget, you can choose from small treats like cards worth €3 and €5. If you want to go a bit further you can buy the one worth €15. Want to go big? Pick a gift card with a value of €30 or €50!

How to redeem an existing card?
After you receive the code you have to enter it here


Kinguin Gift Card: It’s a quick and simple way to make a video game enthusiast happy!

You can also buy it via the Kinguin App
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The app is irreplaceable when you’re on your way to the birthday party!