Kinguin and Fuslie Overwatch Giveaway


Overwatch is a first person shooter online multiplayer created by Blizzard Entertainment. The story is set in the near future, after the the Omnic Crisis, when Robots, called omnics rose up against their creators. To defend themselves humans created the Overwatch organization – a group consisting of the most talented individuals across the planet.

The purpose of this group was simple: to maintain world peace and to stop the rebellious robots. They won and, after the war, the group was transformed into a peaceful organization, but over time the organization began to fade, and finally, after a mysterious explosion at Overwatch Headquarters, the group was disbanded…

Now they’ve returned to save the future once again!

Kinguin & Fuslie Overwatch Giveaway


Hi, I'm Leslie or fuslie (pronounced foo-zly)! I'm a League of Legends, CS:GO and Music streamer on!


The giveaway starts on the 15th of Jully and ends on the 22th of Jully. Winners will be announced on, if you are one of them contact us at [email protected] using the same email you participated in this giveaway, you have 7 days to claim your prize.