Kinguin for Charity returns with Hearthstone action sponsored by Paysafecard

Hello Hearthstone fans! Kinguin is bringing you another tournament to raise money for a great cause. Join us on our twitch stream: to watch top pros compete for a $5,000 prize pool.

Kinguin for Charity
will begin with a sixteen person group stage taking place on Jan. 28-29 and Feb. 4-5. The matches will be organized in the Strike format and will allow cards from the Standard set. Yes, that means crazy Mean Streets of Gadgetzan decks are going to be in the spotlight. 

The professional players we’ve invited (Kolento, LifeCoach, Thijs, RDU, Gaara, Pavel, Roger, Orange, SilverName, DrHippi, Xixo, Eloise, Ikealyou, Ostkaka, Lothar, Stancifka) will be fighting for eight spots in the playoffs which will happen Feb. 13-14. Watch all the epic Hearthstone battles unfold on 

Special thanks to paysafecard for sponsoring this event! A percentage of every purchase made on Kinguin using paysafecard will be donated to charity. Also, any contributions you would like to give directly during the event are greatly appreciated.


See you there!

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