The final day is coming, guys and welcome to the road less travelled indeed. The top dogs have fallen... alright, stop with the puns! JAB, Chakki, Tides and Forsen - who will become the champion?!

Got to admit it, I did not believe in JAB at the beggining, but oh boy, am I on the JAB Hype Train right now!

Can Chakki derail the JAB Hype Train?

Well, judging from the decks they have brought; personally, I have to lean more towards JAB, but oh wait! Both of them will be bringing an extra deck to the semi-finals. Yet, as of now, I put my faith in the lack of Freeze Mage as the deck has proven to either be the kryptonite or the Achilles' heel many times since the beggining. 

On the other side though, the combo of Priest and Grim Patron Warrior is quite scary. I could totally see Druid falling to the Thief, however there is a thing about Hunters right now that remains to be discussed upong seeing further results; don't worry, we will get there.

Okay, not trying to induce any hard feelings here, but who actually thought that Forsen will totally go through Thijs or Gaara in the Quarter-finals. Dad is going full SSJ3, but I cannot imagine him without eyebrows; got to work on my imagination, be right back.

Believe in Dad, Goten. He will definitely win!

Alright, I made it - do not try this at home, the results may prove dangerous. People said that Fel Reaver is not good? Yeah, sure, no. Did you see just how many freezing power did it draw out from Thijs' Freeze Mage, my lord, that was disgustingly good. Swear to RNGods - if we get to see a miraclous reverse sweep from Forsen against JAB in the grand final, my mind will go "Wo~~osh".

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