Did you miss us? Move those tears aside, as we are back with Kinguin for Charity and this time we will be going into our Easter Edition!

We sure missed our most beloved Hearthstone community as well as the thrill that only a tournament environment can bring. We are now back after our one month break with an Easter Edition of Kinguin for Charity, which will begin on the 17th of April and will last until the 19th; if you would like to, you can check the full schedule at the end of this post!

A lot of new faces will be joining alongside the old guard during the Easter Edition of Kinguin for Charity, however only one person can join the ranks of our legendary trio of past winners. Who will be the one to dominate the field this time?

Check out the full list of participants below:

Nihilum: Thijs

Dignitas: Chakki

Fnatic: Frezzar

Cloud9: Ek0p

Cloud9: TidesofTime

Complexity: Dog

Complexity: Sjow

SK Gaming: Numberguy

Team Trig: DTwo

TempoStorm: Hyped

TempoStorm: Gaara

Punchline ESC: Ecta

Punchline ESC: Oliech

Hearthlytics: JAB

Hearthlytics: Muzzy

Teamless: Forsen

The games will be casted on our official Twitch channel by an amazingly skilled duo of casters: Azumoqt and Callum Leslie. Additionally, we will be gathering money for Child’s Play in order to bring some happiness to the kids from all over world. Remember, you will be able to help the cause by donating through the widget available at our official channel and website.