Somebody better bake me some bread, since I'm flouring in the mill! Congratulations to TidesofTime - the champion of Kinguin for Charity Easter Edition 2015!

Burn baby, burn; just like the prophecies in the oldest book of the imps!

Freeze Mage matches somehow manage to deliver every single time. It's either that or I just never get bored of watching the entire world freeze to the bone, just to be burnt to a crisp. Doomsayer delivers, unless silenced by an Owl; because that makes perfect sense.

Even though JAB did not manage to win his series against Chakki he definitely managed to grab something even precious - worldwide recognition. That being said, the latter carries on to the grand final, only to face off against his archnemesis.


Why is this screenshot so fitting to ANY Forsen game? Smite me, I don't know, it just does. Is it the Leeroy, the nonchalant Thanks or the pure skill when it comes to avoiding the juggles? Only the RNGods know.

With this victory, Tides has once again proven that Mill Druid is becoming a real thing. Not only is it entertaining (/s) to watch, but also highly competitive, especially if one can count the damage done by fatigue. New decks all around us and what else is there to do than to cherish those moments and rejoice - we might be finally getting a cure to one of the worst sicknesses in the world!

I am quite convinced that if somebody has told me that Forsen would place in the top three, I would have called that person crazy. Well, the tides have turned, I feel like my lack of belief in the One True Dad may actually bring me some obscure RNG during my upcoming Hearthstone adventures.

Forsen, the Patron of Grim Patrons

Got to say - I have gone through billions of prophecy books and was unable to find this particular chapter. All things aside, congratulations to Forsen, his GP Warrior is one to be feared and it seems like he will be the one guy brought back whenever this deck comes up in the competitive scene. Rightly so.


The Order of ResidentSleepers is here and they would like to claim your souls whenever you fall asleep. Nah, seriously, cheerio Tides - our champion and conqueror!

Honestly, I think he more than earned this title for himself by being bold enough to bring in a Mill Druid AND to present such great results with the just mentioned deck. Although, its games tend to be extremely long, it does show that Hearthstone is not only a game of skill, RNG and preparation. Mental fortitude is something that is often overlooked in video games and this just might be a wonderful example.

Thank you all for attending the tournament; it was a pleasure to write for y'all. From the other side of the screen, it has been @VergilHS, reporting from Kinguin for Charity Easter Edition 2015 and I will be seeing the lots of you in a few days during Kinguin PRO League and on Reddit for some sweet, sweet analysis. 

Well, everyone. This wraps it up for me, go on and get these decklists, get into ladder and put some people to sleep with that tasty Mill Druid!