The stories we heard in taverns, we could not believe them. They spoke of a man named Forsen, his sons and followers, in numbers yet undiscovered, they called him Dad. Their battlecry roared loud and clear: EVERYONE, GET IN HERE!

Witnessing such games and moves, it forces a certain question to float through this wicked mind of mine:

When are we getting a rock band called "Dudes&Treants"?!

Got to give credit where its due, a Mill Druid Deck with the combo is easily a mix that not many would have predicted. Cloud9's Tides now carries the hopes of his comrade Ek0p, however his upcoming opponent is going to be none other than one of the world's most renowned Shaman users - Gaara.

It is not easy to play against a veteran and it does not tend to get better when he is labelled as one of the best players at one of the classes in the world. Hearthlytics' Muzzy did put up valiant effort and undoubtedly gave the representative of TempoStorm a run for his money, however it is quite hard to imagine the amount of pressure that was put on him before the series. As for now, his hopes and dreams rest on the shoulders of his teammate - JAB - who has been rocking his way through in the upper bracket.

It was, is and always will be Boom who pulls the strings. Yeah, well, that is until an Erredar Lord appears and creates some buffed up imps, right?

They said Victor Van Boom was untouchable. Nope.

Weirdlock is back, baby. Love it or hate it, we will be having some fried imps for supper! In all seriousness, the amount of happiness this very deck brings is just ridiculous; entertainment, unpredictability and a humungous number of imps (in all sizes) truly makes for one of the most interesting mish-mashes in the town.

It is called Weirdlock for a reason, aye, mates?

They laughed, they thought it would never come to fruiton. Oh, they were mistaken, so badly mistaken.


Grim Patron Warrior might just be the most community-friendly deck out there. Play the combo, gather an even bigger fanbase because of that amazing battlecry. Profit, right?

Fans' favorite went through the first round with only a singular loss in the series, but boy the MVP award totally goes to that Grim Patron based, unkillable Warrior deck. Even thought, Punchline ESC's Olliech put up a manly fight in the end, he could not resist the evil of the thriller. Fret not as we will be seeing Dad again in the quarter-finals against Nihilum's very own Thijs!

Mom used to say that I can summon any Demon from the Bane of Doom, so I decided to get myself a Floatin Watcher. Why? Because it floats and watches from above while floating, obviously!

It's time to straighten some facts out: JAB Is the real deal and boy does he come with a full package. He started with a clean sweep and now a reverse one? Seriously, what is next - a back to back 3:2 victory? Seriously, highly impressed with JAB's performance as he has not been having an easy route thus far and hoo-boy it is not going get easier from now on.

Obviously, we have to commend Complexity's Dog, however he fell a bit short today and could not take the series home.

Warsong Commander's fix has seriously turned the metagame around, hasn't it, huh?

Yes, Blizzard, you da real MVP!

No, really, a big shout-out to the guys from Blizzard for fixing that little annoyance as it now gives us the best form of entertainment and bonding possible. Congratulations are to be handed over to Dignitas' Chakki as he takes down one of the tournament powerhouses and favorites, through a clean as a sweet, sweet embelishment.

I have been told that it's best not to surrender in life as it's not easy and will often knock you down. Yes, I did watch Rocky and I did enjoy it, however...

Nobody warned me about Freeze Mage vs Mill Druid!

Good lord, my lifeforce was escaping my body at an abnormal rate and it's hard to imagine what was going through Gaara's head at the moment he realized that match-up was not really a fair one. Hearthstone isn't all sunshine and rainbows, but this kind of stuff is painful to watch, unless someone is into such things, however I did not come here to play a judge, jury and executioner.

Both players deserve a standing ovation for their efforts and patience, however it is quite a rare feature in e-sports, at least for now. If you ever played a beefy tank with a self-heal ability in a MMORPG, well... you get the point. Congratulations to Tides, he will be moving to represent Cloud9 in the semi-finals tomorrow!

The Spirit Bomb - it worked, we won, Dad won. Enough Dragon Ball references for one day.


In the very end, Dad made it and overthrew Nihilum's Thijs in an outstanding full-long, five game fashion. Fel Reaver did its job, however it was the Freeze Mage who had the hardest piece of cake to chew through. Not only did Forsen freeze his enemy's face, he also managed to perform an ice age on Blizzard's servers.

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