Glory to the believers! Get Hyped for the glory of The One True Dog as veterans snatch the first day for themselves!

It is always an amazing moment to witness when worthy players get the credit and recognition where they are due. It was quite a bold move to run into a Hunter mirror match-up, however it was nothing less but a masterfully planned scheme. Decisiviness, boldness and a ton preparation - it does take a lot to come out victorious, but JAB has already made a name for himself with his opening clean sweep.

Always put your faith in the one true dog as he is our lord and saviour.

Can I invite you to the church of the One True Dog?

Truthfully, it has been a long time since we saw a Void Terror, Sea Giant based Warlock and if there was one sight that we have missed, it would definitely be this one. The results and consistency do not lie - Complexity's Dog is truly raising to the top of Hearthstone rankings, both tournament and league wise.

There is one phrase that deserves numerous repetitions.


Truth be told, give the man credit where its due. Hyped is delivering some of the highest quality Hearthstone gameplay available on the market. If a hero to zero, Rogue-ish finish does not satisfy your needs, then rest assured as what follows is nothing else but a Malygod power play. If anything, the representative of TempoStorm has proven that he might be a top contender to take the Easter Edition to its finish.

One Combo to rule them all, One Combo to find them, One Combo to bring them all and in the darkn-...


Seriously, if this combo does not entertain your jimmies, you might just be a heartless robot, created to dominate the ladder with Face Hunter, shame on you. Eventually, Chakki's Priest took the series home, however the struggle has been more than real. It is not certain whether we have missed the Control Warrior vs Control Priest match-ups or not, but thanks to a three-steps-ahead planning, Dignitas' Chakki seized his well-deserved victory and will now advance to play against TempoStorm's Hyped.

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