Kinguin for Charity Easter Edition 2015 is about to go underway! The Gods of RNG have spoken and their message was heard loud and clear - "Get Hyped!". Let's begin, shall we?

You might remember these fine gentlemen from the Blizzcon Qualifiers, as both of them had a fair share into a guidebook called "How to kill and develop a midrange Hunter". Numberguy has just recently played in the third installment of SeatStory Cup where, unfortunately, he did not manage to get out of the group stage.

Caution: Heavy-hitters & Veterans ahead!

One thing is certain: whoever wins will not have a marshmallow-ish road ahead of him as the upper bracket is packed with heavy-hitters and veterans like Ek0p, Hyped and Chakki.

Today, community's most beloved representative of Cloud9 will be going up against Complexity's Dog, who has been doing amazingly well in the Kinguin PRO League where he was the first participant to take down Nihilum's star player - LifeCoach. Both have shown proficiency at tweaking popular decklists throughout their career and with the third wing of Blackrock Mountain's release, we should expect a breath of fresh air.

It is known that TempoStorm's Hyped has been showing great results in the recent weeks of the Kinguin PRO League as he climbed his way to the very top of his group.

Put your faith in the... preparation?

Despite the fact that the upper-mentioned has not shown a great deal of diversity in his latest deck choices, Hyped must be commended for the level of consistency he has been showing in the most recent weeks. Unfortunately,  the representative of Fnatic has not been performing as spectatularly as his opponent, however a great deal of preparation can turn the odds around immensly.

Dignitas' emissary for the Kinguin for Charity Easter Edition - Chakki - easily snatches an award for being one of the longest standing veterans when it comes to Hearthstone's professional scene. It also goes without saying that Punchline ESC's Ecta is the clear underdog in this match-up, however this might just be the exact he needs to prove his worth. The one to prevail will later on have to face-off either against Hyped or Frezzar and it will be no easy task to beat any of those two.

For the Hor- wait, no. For the Kids!

We will be teaming up with Child’s Play in order to help the kids from all over the world and we would like to invite you to be a part of this noble quest. Throughout the whole tournament, you will be able to donate any amount of cash through our donation widget, which will be available both at our official Twitch channel and official website.

You can catch all the action at our official Twitch channel. Additionally, check the schedule above and remember to set your clock - you do not want to miss a moment of what's coming.