Admittedly, the match-ups that are in store today are just screaming for some puns. Well, guys, without a further adieu - let's do it, dad!

It's been quite some time since we have guested DTwo in our tournament. If anything's to be expected, it would be some kind of an innovation deck wise, as both the upper mentioned persona and his opponent - TidesofTime - are quite known for bringing in a fair share of fresh air with their picks.

If you are expecting some kind of a elephants based pun, then we owe you apologies as they were destroyed yesterday.

Gaara mastered The Elements, but is unable to use sand. What?!

Hey, we are people as well and some of us tend to get lost in the fantasy world as well, but let us go back to the reality for now. We can already assume that most of us agree that Gaara does take the title of "The Best Shaman World" as he continues to tweak the deck, but more importantly the representative of TempoStorm keeps on bringing some juice wins with one of the most RNG based classes in the game.

Truthfully, his opponent - Muzzy - is standing in front of a vast elemental wall, however he will be definitely looking to meet the exceptations that were set by his teammate yesterday.

Sometimes the urge is just too huge to resist it and although repetition is usually not a welcome feature, this line deserves extra love.


It goes without saying that Sjow has recently risen to the top of Hearthstone rankings, alongside his teammate - Dog - who has already won his first match against Ek0p. Given Complexity duo's most recent results it is actually not that crazy to claim that both Sjow and Dog might be looking towards playing the final game with one another.

However, many top-notch competitors await and there is a humongous possiiblity that the line-up will only get scarier, the further we travel into the tournament.

Not many would like to get into Olliech's shoes as it is not an easy task to go up against the one who controls the Twitch chat with a snap of his fingers.


Cards on the table - a Super Saiyan version of Forsen might actually have enough energy to destroy the Internet as a whole. The man of many nicknames will be playing in the last series of the Round of 16 against Punchline ESC's Olliech. As mentioned above, the latter will not be having an easy time going up against a definite crowd favorite and we will definitely have to a possible Rogue match-up as Valeera has always been good to Forsen. Boy, this came out so wrong.

The first quarterfinal might have caught some people by surprise as Team Hearthlytics JAB's clean swept SK's Numberguy which gave him a chance to leave an even more visible mark, since he will now be going up one a top-shelf participant - Complexity's Dog.

Both players displayed that they possess an ability to finish games in a quick and decisive manner. In addition to these, their bold moves tend to come back with a lot of interest and such features are always a sight to look out for.

At times it's not really clear whether we should convince people to do it or just enjoy it ourselves. Well, let's stick to both for now.


After seeing Chakki's Priest, it's only natural to feel pumped up for all those Thoughtstolen Deadly Poisons, if it comes to the fated Rogue match-up. TempoStorm's Hyped is undeniably one of the favorites to win the Easter Edition of Kinguin for Charity, however the runner-up of ESL's Legendary Series Finals will be definitely aiming to overthrow him during the upcoming quarterfinal, however it may not be an easy task.

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