Kinguin for Charity Christmas Edition 2014 Hearthstone summary

Few days have passed since Kinguin for Charity Christmas Edition 2014 Hearthstone tournament where you could have seen TOP Hearthstone players taking part in this noble cause. In the tournament 16 players took part from 8 countries around the world.

Viewers could watch games between players like:

  • Powder (ihearthu)

  • Kolento (Cloud9 HS)

  • Kitkatz (Tempo Storm)

  • Hosty (Archon)

  • Hyped (Tempo Storm)

  • Firebat (Archon)

  • Tides of Time (Cloud9 HS)

  • Twixsen (Fnatic HS)

  • Neirea (Team Liquid HS)

  • DTwo (ihearthu)

  • Amaz (Archon)

  • Arfdota (eBay auction winner)

  • Gaara (Tempo Storm)

  • Savjz (Team Liquid HS)

  • StrifeCro (Cloud9 HS)

  • Frezzar (Fnatic HS)

The games were fierce and viewers could have seen many great plays, but unfortunately there can be only one winner but for us all of them are winners for taking part in this noble cause.

This noble cause was fundraising for Child’s Play,  a charitable organization founded by the authors of the popular computer and video games-based webcomic Penny Arcade that organizes worldwide toy drives to children's hospitals. Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins founded Child's Play in 2003 to improve the lives of sick children by donating toys and games to hospitals worldwide. The charity is also seen as a way to refute mainstream media's perception of gamers as violent and antisocial. Through Child's Play, donors have sent over 25 million dollars in toys, games and books to children's hospitals all over the world.

Before the tournament started, eBay auction was in place to give one of Hearthstone fans an opportunity to take part in this tournament. After 11 days of bidding we had a winner of eBay auction, and all money gathered during eBay auction was directly sent to Child’s Play.

Winner of that auction was Arfdota, a 22 year old Sous-Chef in Browns Socialhouse Stonebridge (Saskatoon, Canada) who bid 187.50$ for the opportunity to play with the best!


Arfdota - eBay Auction winner

We asked Arfdota how often do you support charity events?

I do always support charity events, also some charity that helps people who gets affected by natural disasters.

During the tournament we have been able to foundries 2619.57$ thanks to all of you! But that is not all, we have to remember to add to this amount 187.50$ from eBay auction winner and 750$ donated by 3 of tournament players from their winnings:


Firebat - 250$


Amaz - 250$


StrifeCro - 250$

which gives us amount of 3557.07$ to help children in need!

Kinguin for Charity Christmas Edition 2014 winner is StrifeCro from Cloud9 HS

Who is StrifeCro?

A long-time progamer, StrifeCro has deep experience in competitive RTS games, playing borth WarCraft III and StarCraft II on a high level. StarCraft was also the franchise that brought him the most fame where he played for team Evil Geniuses between 2010 and 2012. Card game-wise, StrifeCro comes from a Magic: The Gathering background.

It’s also worth to mention that Kinguin for Charity had over 80k viewers around the world, who could have watch us on our channel